GeneX Va Gene Expression Analysis Database

GEOSS Gene Expression Open Source System
(previously known as GeneX Va)


GEOSS Components and Description

GEOSS (which used to be known as Genex Va) is a complete system used to store and analyze gene expression data. It has a relational database, a web interface, and an analysis suite. There is also a repository for each user's files, and a comprehensive security system. GEOSS is intended to be a multiuser archive for gene chip data, as well as a friendly, powerful analysis tool for end users. It includes workflow management features for the microarray center, and for the individual research labs.

More Information and Downloading GEOSS

Download the lastest version from the GEOSS project page. Detailed information, and instructions are included in the download and are available online at the GEOSS home page at the University of Virginia:

Our current SourceForge project page is:

Our old SourceForge project page is:

GEOSS requires some additional packages including Apache, Postgres, and R. See the installation instructions for information about these packages.

Current GEOSS Development

GEOSS is somewhat similar to, but independent from GeneX and GeneX-Lite. All three systems are composed of a relational database, some type of end user interface, and an analysis system. The three software development teams interact on a regular basis, and share as much technology as possible. We also get help from several other groups for additional analysis modules and testing. Each project has a home page with more information.

For further information on the GEOSS functionality and the history of GEOSS, refer to our online documentation.